007 Emails: a Message that Self-Destructs
Secure email messages that Self-Destruct in 7 seconds

Surely, at some moment, you have needed to send important, as well as sensitive, information via Email. They may have been personal or about business, but the idea is that, after pressing the “send” button, doubt may have arisen about who may have read the content sent. It is no secret that thousands of messages that are sent/received via internet everyday could be spied upon by government agencies or hackers. Nothing appears safe in actuality, much less information, converted into one of the most precious intangible assets in the globalized world. Therefore, any method that you can use to protect your privacy will seem little before the efforts made by many to penetrate your privacy and, possibly, obtain secrets that could affect your business or your personal life.
Fortunately, there are still possibilities, ever more ingenious, to circumvent the plans devised by those who want to cause problems. One of these possibilities is 007 Emails. When you read the name of this product, there comes to mind, at least, two possible associations. In the first place, of course, it is a product that deals with Emails and after that, there is the term “007” that is associated, perhaps forever, with the super agent James bond - a man that could overcome a wide range of obstacles and accomplish missions that seemed impossible. Neither of the two perceptions is wrong. 007 Emails (www.007Emails.com) is a free service offered by the company - OPM01.com. It makes it possible, once the final recipient has read the Emails that you sent, that the Emails will self-destruct completely in less than seven seconds.

Once reading this, you might possibly think that it is something complicated, but, in reality, it isn’t. It allows you to notably increase your security – once your Emails has been read and then seven seconds later, self-destroyed, it will be impossible for anyone to recover the information, from the most advanced spy agencies to the most seasoned hackers.
It’s mode of operation is simple and fast. You don’t need to register, nor much less remember another passport. It is as simple as writing a note, obtaining a link, and pasting it in an Emails or chat conversation and then later sending it to the person that this information is intended for. You can copy it and that which is sent remains protected and anonymous. Once the link is closed and seven seconds pass, the message self-destructs and disappears forever from the server. Nobody, not even the final recipient, will be able to read the information again.
Also, 007 Emails also offers other options that can be very useful. For example, you will receive a notification of the received message. Furthermore, the messages don’t have a length limit, that way you can write as much as you want. Now, perhaps, doubt arises regarding how this free service from OPM01.com really works. The answer is in the double encryption system used: it is recognized as AEC 16 bits and is also used by the North American government and “https” that the banks use.
007 Emails employs https because it allows a secure channel to be created over an insecure network, like the Internet. By way of this mechanism, you can obtain reliable protection from eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks, provided that suitable methods of encryption are used and that the server is verified.
However, a http connection needs to be valid and this can only happen if: a) the user trusts a certified authority server that only offers space to legitimate sites and that doesn’t bear misleading names; b) the site offers a valid certificate, which means that it has been signed by a reliable authority (if otherwise, the majority of search engines will show a security alert) and c) that each one of the nodes that are used to connect to the server are trust-worthy and that the user trusts that the encryption of the protocol (TLS or SSL) is unbreakable by an eavesdropper.
007 Emails is a recent product from OPM01.com, and it has already received excellent references from its users. It is simple and free!  Seven seconds - it only takes this short amount of time to make a message disappear with 007 Emails. Therefore, thinking about the security of sent Emails, no longer seems like a new mission for James Bond.



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