By using 007 Emails, the Privacy Policy is thereby accepted. This policy assures that any written content is stored in an encrypted format on our database, ensuring that no one can read nor recover any documents and, once read, documents are completely deleted, therefore thoroughly protecting the privacy of our clients. The document will be deleted, if not read within 30 days. While the document is stored by the server, only a person with the given link can access it. However, once the link is clicked, all responsibility by is removed. Although we do our best to protect our servers, if someone were to access the database, they would not be able to read any documents due to the encryption. Email addresses entered into our system will not be shared nor sold and they also stored in an encrypted format, which is deleted once the document is sent and accepted.
Cookies are also used to maintain the language of the user and the state of the “How does it Work” help guide box, though they can be refused with no affect on the function of our service.
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