Secure SSL Forms via HTTPS

It’s possible that a client won’t feel secure when sending a form from his website and it’s also possible that you, yourself, will not feel secure keeping sensitive e-mails and information on your server.
007 Emails offers a new service for secure SSL forms via HTTPs that you can easily integrate into your website. These forms permit you to avoid having a direct link between your client and his website and your e-mail, and offer more privacy for you and your clients. When you speak about secure forms, you are speaking about SSL, which is a secure protocol connection. This protocol allows information to be securely sent on Internet, by encoding it as it is being sent out. This characteristic, among many others, is offered by 007 Emails. 007 Emails’ Secure SSL Forms offer authentication and privacy for the information you send to someone else on Internet by encrypting it. Usually, only the server is authenticated (that is, your identity is guaranteed), while who receives it is not authenticated. You will be able to offer a secure communication protocol to your clients and respond, if necessary, through 007 Emails’ secure encoded messages. The forms can contain your logo and contact information (see an example) and once they have been sent they will redirect your client to the home page of your website.

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